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Deliver milestone lifestyle experiences, rich in entertainment, serendipity and commerce.

Festivals are hotbeds for serendipity and there’s magic in being there when something wonderful unfolds when you least expect it. All the budgeting, programming, brand tie-ups and logistical acrobatics pay off when you get to enable those extraordinary moments, which once lived will never return.

Festkit is designed for virtual festivals to be chock full of such moments, with face-to-face interactions, secret sets, artist interactions, and more. There's a lot to unpack in Feskit; let's get started!

How does Festkit work?


Festival-goers experience your festival through a custom-built app on smartphones, smart TVs and the web.

The Clapstream team will work with your team to design the Carnival: the entry point to the various experiences at your festival. The Carnival is designed with video-game design principles to surprise and delight the audience. It is tailor-made to embody your festival’s vibe, and can take the form of a tropical island, a beach, a desert, or even another planet, and can even include digital art installations that you commission.

Brands get to have a strong presence via stalls and hangout zones at the Carnival. Stalls allow brands to sell F&B and merchandise with hyperlocal fulfilment, and to gain followers by offering follow-gated offers. Hangout Zones enable spontaneous, face-to-face interactions over fun activities like karaoke, pictionary, pub quiz, charades, dance-offs and more.

Let's explore what we can create together.


Want to dive deeper?

Hangout Zones


Spaces for brands to sell products and to increase their following.

Hyperlocal Placement and Fulfilment

A stall can be made available at a pincode, a city, the country or globally. This keeps the Carnival relevant to all your attendees, no matter where they're from. This lets you bring a massive number of brands aboard without having the Carnival seem overcrowded.

Brands can also indicate which items are available in which region. This enables a brand like Blue Tokai Coffee to make brewed coffee available at some specific pincodes, but have roasted beans be available nationwide.

In-app Sales

All transactions at Stalls are carried out by your festival’s app and you can release the post-commissions earnings to a brand with just a tap.

One-tap Newsletter Signup

Festkit already has the attendees' email addresses from when they buy tickets. This allows for the most frictionless newsletter signup process ever.

Seamless Social Media Follows

Attendees can follow brands' Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles, all without leaving the app.

Follow-gated Discounts

Brands can offer special discounts to their social media followers. Customers can see what the special offer is and unlock it by following the brand. Festkit verifies that the attendee is following the brand's profile before unlocking the offer.

Flash Sales

Brands can run flash sales on their inventory using limited-period discounts. This sends out a notification to all the attendees and adds a special “Flash Sale” visual indicator on the stall.

Brand Dashboard

Designated personnel from each brand get access to a powerful live dashboard for their stall where they can get notified of orders placed, manage inventory, run flash sales and more. Empowering brands with realtime information on their stall's performance drives sponsor satisfaction.

Hangout Zones

Branded spaces enabling fun activities with face-to-face interaction.

Spontaneous Video Chat

Members can hop in and out of Hangout Zones at the Carnival, and take part in ongoing video chats.


Group size is restricted to 8, allowing for an intimate experience.

Fun and Games

Hangout Zones feature fun group activities like karaoke, pictionary, pub quiz, charades, dance-offs and more.

Branded Experiences

Zones are branded with the brand's logo on the zone at the Carnival, and the brands logo and colours are used in the games as well. Additionally, brands can choose to lock their zones to specific activities, enabling a brand like Tinder to set up a karaoke booth using a Hangout Zone.

Safe Spaces

Members in a zone can report a member for misbehaviour, which will lead to them being kicked out of the zone with a cool down period before they can enter another zone. If an attendee is reported 3 times, they're barred from entering Hangout Zones.


Built on Clapstream Technology

Legendary AV Quality

Clapstream’s live streams have been widely praised for featuring razor-sharp video and pristine audio. Festkit builds upon this by working with jam pads and visual effects artists to create virtual stages and with sound engineers to further elevate the fans' experience.

Realtime Audience Reactions

The audience can clap, cheer and whistle audibly in realtime, using on-screen buttons. This gives the artist a sense for how their performance is being received and the audience members feel part of a crowd.

Tap on the reactions to try them out.

Stage and Sound Design

Jam pads and small studios leased in major cities will ensure fast and stable internet connectivity, and facilitate access to sound engineers to ensure great mix. Each pad and studio would be certified by Clapstream to ensure that they have the connectivity, and AV equipment required to put on a great experience. A green screen backdrop placed behind the artists, would be digitally replaced with a consistent stage backdrop across acts.

At Home on Smart TVs

Attendees can seamlessly switch between watching the show on TV, phone or computer with an Android TV app. This also enables a unique multi-screen experience, where members can be in a Hangout Zone or a stall on their phone while watching an act on the TV.

Comfortable With Massive Crowds

Clapstream is built on auto-scaling cloud technology, enabling it to serve lakhs of attendees without breaking a sweat.

Social Media Montages

Festkit generates “Hot on Social” montages played between sets, using Instagram and Facebook posts cherry-picked by your team. These fillers celebrate the audience and encourages them to share their favourite moments from the fest on their social media profiles, increasing your festival's social media mentions.

And so much more!

Rich Metrics

The Festkit dashboard provides designated members from your team access to rich, realtime analytics. This inludes information like total traffic and average time spent at each stall, stage and hangout zone on a timeline. You also get conversion rates, total sales, average order value and repeat customer rate for every stall.

Tag Along

Attendees can spend time together in pairs at your festival using Tag Along. When an attendee taps on the Tag Along button and invites their friend, it starts a picture-in-picture style video overlay where they can see & talk to each other. Both their screens stay in sync, so they're together whether they're at the Carnival, a Stage, a Stall or a Hangout Zone. Either person can end the Tag Along session whenever they like or invite another person.

Artist Tent

At festivals, artists cherish the opportunity to have serendipitous run-ins with artists that haven't met yet. The Artist Tent is an artist-only space at the Carnival for artists to hang out and speak to one another. When in the tent, artists can see each other's avatars and walk up to one another (by dragging their avatar) and start voice conversations. Others can join in as well, forming many little clusters.

Designated members from the festival team can be given access access to the tent as well, to engage with the artists and to ensure they're having a nice time too.


Festkit allows for flexible ticketing, with features like time-phased ticket pricing (think early bird tickets), group discounts, coupon codes and more. You may also use other ticketing platforms like Insider and BookMyShow to sell tickets to your festival, to widen your reach.

Influencer affiliate program

Influencers can sign up to receive custom ticket links. When audience members buy tickets using an affiliate link, it can be traced back to the influencer that brought the sale, and they get a cut of the ticket sales.

Community Graffiti Wall

The Carnival includes a big graffiti wall where people can leave their unique imprint on the festival through their drawings and messages.

So, that's Festkit in a nutshell.

We can't wait to learn about your festival!